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Diesel Exhaust Causes Lung Cancer and Possibly Bladder Cancer
Diesel fumes have been thought to increase the risk of lung cancer for a long time - since 1988. Now it's official.
Are Two Cancer Drugs Better Than One?
Recent trends in cancer research have focused on combination therapies, where drugs that supplement each other's weaknesses show greater results in fighting cancer than either would alone.
Upcoming Lung Cancer Drugs
Out of the top five most common cancers, lung cancer is projected to remain the deadliest, and it isn't just limited to people who smoke.
Big Tumors Vulnerable to Chemo
Chemotherapy is generally recommended for cancers where surgery is impossible, either due to metastasis, difficult location, or small size.  
Desperate Housewives's Kathryn Joosten Died
Mrs. McClusky  was the cranky, crusty and lovable older lady, who always had a wisecrack for the "Desperate Housewives" of Wisteria Lane.
Clearing the Smoke on Lung Cancer Screenings
Behind skin, prostate and breast cancers, lung cancer is one of the most frequently diagnosed - and most lethal - malignancies in this country, affecting the lives of 220,000 Americans and taking the lives of another 165,000 every year.  
Double Down on Lung Cancer Treatment
Lung cancer, prostate cancer, and breast cancer have roughly equal numbers of new cases diagnosed each year, but lung cancer is four times as fatal than the other two.
Lung Cancer - Donna Summer's Last Dance
Last Dance. She Works Hard for the Money. Bad Girls. You've heard her music. Donna Summer - known to many as "The Q ueen of Disco" has passed.
Lung Cancer, More Than Meets the Eye
While there are three main kinds of lung cancer, it seems that the genetics of each are more complicated than anyone had guessed.
Blood Test Hopes to Detect Early Lung Cancer
Detecting lung cancer early is the best chance at curing it. Like many cancers, the larger and more advanced it becomes the harder it is to successfully treat.