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8 Top Health Questions Answered
One of the most common questions pharmacists receive is "Can I drink alcohol while taking my medication?" See what other questions made the list.
Sepsis Has a New Definition
Despite being a major public health concern, the definition of sepsis has not been reevaluated in nearly 15 years — until now that is.
A New Bacteria Is Spreading Lyme Disease
Only one bacterial species has been credited for causing Lyme disease in humans — until now.
When Antibiotics Are Necessary — Or Not
The common cold sends more people to the doctor than just about any other illness. Some patients need antibiotics, but it can be hard to decide which ones. That all may be about to change.
Zika: There's a New Virus in Town
Mosquitoes aren't just a pesky nuisance on warm summer days — many carry disease. And the newest of these mosquito-borne diseases is Zika virus.
Is Cruise Ship Food Getting Safer?
Nothing can ruin a vacation like a bout of food poisoning. But new evidence suggests the risk may be lower than ever — at least on US cruise ships.
Got a Cold? Rethink Those Antibiotics
Antibiotics can be a lifesaver for serious infections. But used unnecessarily, they can lead to a much bigger problem.
The Expanding Reach of Lyme Disease
A few decades ago, contracting Lyme disease in the US may have seemed like a stroke of bad luck. But today, the risk may be a whole lot greater.
A Therapeutic Approach to Battling Superbugs
In the fight against antibiotic resistance, the National Institutes of Health (NIH) is hoping for a breakthrough.
Tips to Prevent the Common Cold
Cold and flu season has arrived, but that doesn't have to mean you or your family will get sick. Outsmart germs with these simple strategies.