Health News

Protecting the Youngest Against Whooping Cough
Mothers are the source of over 30 percent of the whooping cough infections in infants. A novel vaccination program took advantage of that fact.
Another Success for HPV Vaccine
One precursor to cervical cancer are lesions that develop on the cervix from a virus called HPV. But the worst strains of HPV can be prevented with a vaccine.
Extra Protection with One Shot
It makes sense that the vaccine designed to protect kids against measles, mumps and rubella does just that. But it may do even more.
Flu Shot Might Prevent Stroke
Doctors recommend annual flu shots to help patients stay healthy during flu season. New research suggests that the flu vaccine also might help prevent stroke.
Why Adults Aren't Getting Vaccinated
Most people probably associate vaccination with kids getting their shots at regular doctor visits. But adults need to stay up to date with their immunizations too.
Surprising Facts About the Flu
As the flu continues to change and new strains appear, it’s important to know how to lower flu risk for you and your family. Here are some facts about the flu that may surprise you.
Pertussis Protection Declined Faster Without Booster Dose
The vaccine that prevents whooping cough fades earlier than expected in older children, based on recent research. But what about for babies and toddlers?
Vaccine Schedule Updates Announced
One of the best ways to protect children against a wide range of serious diseases is to be sure they are up to date on their immunizations.
Balancing Benefits and Risks of Rotavirus Vaccine
Vaccines have made a tremendous difference in reducing the risk of disease in the US. Yet the benefits of vaccines do not mean there are no risks to them.
Flu Vaccine Bonus for Babies
Receiving quality prenatal care means ensuring that you protect both yourself and your unborn child from disease. One recommendation for this is getting the flu vaccine.