Health News

Blood Pressure Changes with Age
Grappling with high blood pressure as a result of increased age is a fairly common dilemma. Now researchers have found a link that shows that blood pressure changes as people age.
Heart Attacks Declining in UK
Much like the rest of the world, the United Kingdom has long grappled with trying to convince citizens to maintain healthier lifestyles in an effort to curb the risk of heart attacks.
Hispanic Women Have Greater Heart Risk
With an increase in gestational diabetes in recent years, researchers had grown concerned that could spell lingering heart disease concerns for many new mothers. A recent study shows that is not the case except for certain high-risk populations.
Blood Pressure at Bedtime
Doctors often tell patients to take their medications at the same time each day. But what time of day is best? When it comes to blood pressure drugs, that time may be right before bed.
Managing hypertension
Reducing blood pressure in one patient may be relatively simple. But when it comes to ensuring blood pressure reductions across entire countries, the effort becomes a little trickier both for patients and physicians.
The Heart of the Matter
Birth control has long been viewed not only as effective, but also heart healthy. In the 1960s it was a sign of empowerment, but could estrogen-based birth control pills be leading to increased high blood pressure instead?
Healing the Heart
There are times when doctors struggle to heal difficult ailments, but researchers may have actually found a way to reverse effects leading to heart failure. This new research eventually could be available for humans.
19 Percent Have High Blood Pressure
Typically developed over a number of years, high blood pressure is a common health concern for many individuals. Many patients commonly wait until they are older to worry about getting checked regularly.
Less Coffee, Less Beer, Less Pressure
Sometimes, there is nothing you can do to protect yourself from disease. However, simply changing some of your habits can help you avoid other health problems like high blood pressure.
Taking out Tonsils for Kids' Hearts
Hey, kids! Do you want to eat ice cream for a week and protect your heart health? Well, research shows that getting your tonsils removed might let you do just that.