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The Reality of Aging With HIV
In the early days of AIDS, a diagnosis of HIV meant that you would be dead of AIDS in 18 months. But these days, doctors tell newly diagnosed HIV patients to plan for retirement.
Managing HIV and Depression
Clinical depression is a very serious problem for millions of people. Not only a challenge to manage in itself, medically serious levels of sadness are associated with other disorders.
Kids Skip Too Many HIV Meds
Children with HIV can live longer lives than ever with the range of anti-retroviral drugs available. But the drugs only work if they take them regularly and on time.
Are You Passing HIV on to Your Baby
One key to preventing the spread of any infectious disease is teaching people how to avoid giving it to others. But when it comes to HIV, there is often confusion about this.
Has Anyone Been 'Cured' of HIV?
Timothy Brown's story was a spark of tremendous hope: He had been diagnosed with HIV and then 'cured.' Doctors and scientists believed that the virus disappeared from his body completely.
An Uphill Battle with a Baby on the Way
As if low-income, HIV-positive, pregnant women don't have enough on their plates, many also have to contend with depression - though it's possible not enough doctors are noticing.
HIV and HBV: Partners in Crime
If you have HIV, one of the most dangerous risks is becoming infected with another chronic disease at the same time. Hepatitis B is one of HIV's most common infectious partners.
In-Hospital Deaths Down for HIV Patients
In the 1980s , people with HIV weren't allowed to enter intensive care units because they were too close to death. But now, more and more HIV patients are coming out of the ICU alive.
A Miracle Pill For HIV Prevention? Not So
The first pill approved by the FDA for preventing HIV in healthy patients doesn't come without concern. Experts worry that the drug does more harm than good.
Mother's Milk Secret to Stopping HIV
HIV can be transmitted from mother to her child through nursing. But a surprising ingredient in an HIV-positive mother's milk may protect her baby against infection.