Health News

The End of AIDS: Reality or Wish?
At last month's International AIDS Conference, the big topic was “The End of AIDS.” But is the end of AIDS a close reality, or wishful thinking?
Drug-Resistant HIV Threatens Africa
HIV won't go down without a fight. Even as calls for the “end of AIDS” become stronger and more optimistic, scientists have found that HIV drug resistance is rising in Africa.
Learn to Battle HIV
A key to slowing down the spread of HIV is to track the rate of transmission among various subgroups of sexually active individuals. Recent news about one group is sobering.
HPV Testing for HIV-positive Women
Women who are HIV-positive have a high risk of developing cervical cancer. For this reason, these women are advised to go through frequent screenings - which often reveal nothing.
How Risky is Teen Sex?
You might hope that teens have learned something over the past decade. Turns out that when it comes to safe sex, not much has changed – teens are still putting themselves at risk for HIV.
What Sets Immigrants with HIV Apart?
Among the tens of thousands of people who are diagnosed with HIV in America every year, many have been born outside the country. How do they differ from HIV patients born in America?
HIV Drugs Help Fewer Americans
More Americans than ever before are benefiting from lifesaving HIV treatment. But anti-HIV drugs might not be helping as many people as previously believed.
New HIV Advice: Start Treatment Sooner
If you've just been diagnosed with HIV, would you want to wait to start treatment until the virus begins to affect your body? That's been the standard procedure for years.
Merck HIV Drug Demonstrates Efficacy
Merck announced final results from the STARTMRK study – the longest double-blind Phase III non-inferiority study evaluating an integrase inhibitor in treatment-naïve adults with HIV-1.
Global AIDS Deaths Down
For decades, AIDS has been one of the world's deadliest epidemics. But a hard fought battle against the virus is yielding to progress, and resulting in fewer deaths.