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HIV Drug Safe During Pregnancy
Women with HIV or chronic Hepatitis B may take Viread , whose generic name is tenofovir , for treatment. They can safely continue this treatment if they get pregnant.
Interferon and Depression
Depressive symptoms may be present in patients with hepatitis C before they begin treatment. But research suggests that the hepatitis C drug, interferon, also contributes to depression.
Victrelis and HIV Drug Interactions
The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is notifying the public that co-administration of Victrelis ( boceprevir ), a hepatitis C virus ( HCV ) protease inhibitor, along with certain ritonavir-boosted human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) protease inhibitors, is not recommended at this time. Because of the possibility of reducing the effectiveness of the medicines, permitting the amount of HCV or HIV virus in the blood (viral load) to increase. Ritonavir-boosted HIV protease inhibitors include ritonavir-boosted Reyataz ( atazanavir ), ritonavir-boosted Prezista ( darunavir ), and Kal...
Merck Reports Phase III Results With Vicrelis
Merck announced final results from a Phase III, open-label study designed to compare the impact of two anemia management strategies on sustained virologic response ( SVR ) in patients with chronic hepatitis C virus ( HCV ) genotype 1 infection treated with VICTRELIS  ( boceprevir ) in combination with PEGINTRON  ( peginterferon alfa-2b ) and ribavirin (P/R).
Hepatitis C and HIV Drug Interactions
The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is notifying healthcare professionals and patients that drug interactions between the hepatitis C virus ( HCV ) protease inhibitor Victrelis ( boceprevir ) and certain ritonavir-boosted human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) protease inhibitors ( atazanavir , lopinavir , darunavir ) can potentially reduce the effectiveness of these medicines when they are used together.
Oral Drug Cocktail Is Treatment for Hep C
Hepatitis C is a serious condition that damages the liver and can be difficult to treat. Here's the latest on its treatment: A new university study says that a drug combo may be able to slow the disease’s growth.
Immune Cells Tactics: Divide and Conquer
Scientists understand the big picture of how vaccines work in the body but not all the specifics at the cellular level. Now they have discovered one more piece of the puzzle.
Get Vaccinated, Stop the Spread of Hep B
There are a great deal of complications associated with diabetes. In order to prevent these complications, patients have to take special care of themselves, whether that means eating healthier or getting vaccinated.
STD Rates Still Rising in U.S.
If you're sexually active with multiple partners, listen up: More Americans are picking up sexually transmitted diseases (STDs). However, fewer people are infected with syphilis.
Two Chinks in the Armor of Hepatitis C
In the middle ages, a great time to attack one's enemies is while they were sleeping. Researchers have found two times when the hepatitis C vaccine may be easily attacked.