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Berries Blamed for Hepatitis A Outbreak
Organic fruit may be produced without chemicals or pesticides, but that doesn't mean it is immune from being contaminated with foodborne illness. 
HIV meets Hep C
Many people infected with HIV or hepatitis C aren’t aware of their infections. These unknown infections can strike especially hard in underserved and poor communities.
Hep C Infections Largely Undiscovered
Hepatitis C is a term many people are familiar with, but don’t really devote much thought to – and that may represent part of a very serious problem.
Baby Boomers Beware of Hep C
We are taught to believe that if we are sick, we will feel ill. Alarmingly, this is not the case with hepatitis C, which can be present in the body for years without causing symptoms.
Another Med for Liver Infection
Hepatitis C infection is often treated with antiviral medications. One such medication is currently being tested.
With Hep C, Alcohol is a No Go
For healthy people, a drink or two can be okay. But for people with hepatitis C liver infections, a drink or two a day might be very dangerous.
Is Hep C Retreatment Worth It?
Hepatitis C is an infection that can lead to serious liver problems. As such, treatment is required to protect patients from these complications. Unfortunately, one treatment does not appear to do much good.
Liver Cancer Going Viral
It’s hard to treat something you don’t understand. A recent study has expanded our understanding of how liver cancer starts. This information might lead to new drugs to treat this bad actor.
Black-Boxed Warning for Hepatitis Drug Incivek
Vertex Pharmaceuticals Incorporated (Nasdaq: VRTX) today announced that the INCIVEK® (telaprevir) label in the United States has been updated to include a Boxed Warning stating that fatal and non-fatal serious skin reactions have been reported in patients taking INCIVEK combination treatment.
Race Plays a Role in HIV/HCV Fatalities
These days, people with HIV are most likely to die from complications of an opportunistic infection. But can race make a difference in how disease plays out?