Health News

It's Time for Recess!
Teachers might look forward to recess as much as children do. It's a chance to let kids run off their energy. But recess is also an important daily part of children's overall development.
Ancient Practice Brings New Energy to Cancer Patients
Fatigue can be part of the new normal for breast cancer survivors. An ancient practice may help to bring these ladies new energy.
The Secret to Growing Old Gracefully
Just about everyone wants the secret to life. But they might settle for the secret to aging gracefully. One important key to successfully aging appear to be… growing older.
Underdog to Exercise Harder
Having a healthy rivalry is good. That edge is just the push to help people work out longer and harder.
Being Thankful For Your Health
Thanksgiving means a happy day full of family, football and fun. It also usually means a day of binge eating buttery sides, sugary pies and more than a little holiday cheer in a glass. By approaching Thanksgiving, and the rest of the upcoming holiday season, with a mindful and healthful outlook, it is possible to enjoy the day without breaking the caloric bank.
Hey Girls! Let's Dance
Teen girls that seem generally healthy may still struggle with their self-image. This struggle can sometimes lead to later health problems. But there's a possible solution: Just dance!
Are You What You Eat?
Most people aren't surprised if pigging out at the all-you-can-eat buffet leaves them feeling a bit queasy. But what if it had been an all-you-can-eat fruit-and-vegetable bar?
Don't Just Sit There, Get Outside!
It's easy to blame the preponderance of cheap technology and fun gadgets as the reason for today's children not getting enough physical activity. But parents have more power to influence their kids' activity levels than they may realize.
Can Body Image Affect Behavior?
Obese women tend to think of themselves as much larger than they are, but how does this affect the way they live life? 
Could Poor Body Image Block Weight Loss?
“I’ve just gotten so fat!” “You? I’m the one with the huge thighs!” -- It is not uncommon to hear conversations like this, especially as the anxiety of swimsuit season quickly approaches. But new research is showing that this habit and mentality might not just be detrimental to self-esteem, but could affect one’s ability to lose weight.