Health News

Bath Salt “Epidemic” Overhyped
There have been exaggerations about the so-called “bath salt epidemic.” It turns out that the use of heroin is more common than that of bath salts among college kids, but both are rare.
Teenage Rx Abuse Continues
Teenagers have been using prescription medications for recreational purposes. Parents and teachers may be able convince teens that non-medical use of prescriptions is dangerous.
Having “The Talk” with Teens
Parents may feel that what they say to their kids goes in one ear and out the other. But parents may have more influence than they think when it comes to talking with their teens about alcohol and drug use.
Don’t Eat That! It’s Grown-Up Candy
Small children have a tendency to put things in their mouths that they shouldn’t. Food or drinks containing marijuana have created a unique problem for adults with children.
Mom’s Cocaine on Kids’ Brains
The substances a mother puts in her body during pregnancy nearly always reach her developing baby. The long-term effects of illegal drugs can often present problems for these children.
Too Many Pregnant Teens Using
Substance abuse is a serious issue for any teen girl, but if that girl is pregnant, the problem is exponentially greater. Extra support might be necessary to help pregnant teens get sober.
Adderall Trending on Twitter
College kids have been abusing Adderall to help them study for a while now. But thousands of tweets about Adderall suggest that Adderall abuse has become too much of the norm.
Safety First Means Sober Driving
Sober drivers get in car crashes every day. Adding alcohol, drugs or prescription medications to the equation can really compound the risk for winding up in a wreck.
Facing the Pain in Fear of Addiction
In the United States, there is a common fear that taking pain medications for a long period of time could lead to addiction. And this fear may extend beyond those taking medications for chronic pain.
Following the Rx to the Letter – or Not
Patients may not always follow the instructions their doctors provide for prescription medications. In fact, more than half of Americans in a recent study did not.