Health News

How to Have a Healthy Pregnancy
Women have all sorts of decisions to make about their behavior during the months that they are pregnant. Some of their decisions can boost the likelihood of a healthier pregnancy.
Teen Athletes Might Be Using Opioids More Than Others
Sports are a great way for teens to maintain physical and mental health. But teen athletes can get injured. Sometimes, those injuries are so painful that teens are prescribed opioid painkillers, which might introduce the opportunity for drug misuse.
Opiates and Sedatives Weren't What the Doctor Ordered
Illegal drug use can be one concern to watch out for among teens and young adults. But so can misuse of legal, prescription medications.
Benzo Abuse Appeared Uncommon
While certain medications can be valuable treatment options, they also may come with a risk of dependence and abuse. A recent study looked at the risks related to a type of medication used to treat anxiety and insomnia.
Meth and Injection Drug Use Among Street-Involved Youth
Experimenting with illegal drugs can spiral into more dangerous choices and health consequences. Once kids start shooting up, they become at risk for serious diseases.
Early Bloomers Smoking and Drinking Before Peers
Puberty is an important milestone on the road to growing up. But hitting puberty early may lead some kids to try adult substances earlier than other kids.
Ice Pack For Freezing Surgical Pain
Lessening the pain that frequently follows major abdominal surgery is critical as patients begin their recovery. Strong, pain-relieving opioid medications typically are prescribed at the start of that healing process.
Bipolar Youth at Risk for Substance Abuse?
Bipolar disorder has been previously linked with substance abuse in adolescents. It's possible that certain symptoms or behaviors can help target youth before they develop a substance use disorder.
Bariatric Surgery and Post-Op Pain Meds
Obesity doesn't just lead to conditions that can cause issues over time; it can also bring about daily pain in the body. This pain, often in the joints or the back, may lead some obese people to rely on certain pain medications — a topic explored in a new study.
Visits to the ER for “Bath Salts”
The street drugs called “bath salts,” not to be confused with the relaxing bathtub product, may be more dangerous than people realize. These designer drugs have been sending folks to the ER.