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Heart Failure Clinics Increase Hospitalizations
Frequenting specialized heart failure clinics has proved a growing method for receiving care related to heart failure. However, a study has revealed that the outcomes have been mixed.
Exercise Counteracts Muscle Wasting
With age and conditions such as heart failure, it's not uncommon for individuals to experience muscle wasting. Physical activity appears to be key to reversing that trend while also reducing inflammation. Researchers found that regardless of age, patients who exercised more experienced less muscle wasting as their bodies became conditioned to handle more physical activity. Exercise regularly to slow muscle wasting. Stephan Gielen , MD, lead co-author and deputy director of cardiology at the University Hospital at Martin-Luther-University of Halle in Germany, said that many docto...
Hearts Love Aspirin and Warfarin
Heart failure patients often take medication to lower their risk of stroke, hemorrhage or dying. A common choice is warfarin (Coumadin), though a large clinical trial has found that cheaper over-the-counter aspirin may be just as effective.
FDA Backs Implantable Heart Pump
A U.S. Food and Drug Administration panel has recommended approval of HeartWare's Ventricular Assist System, which acts as a bridge to heart transplantation in end-stage heart failure patients.
Heart Attack Scar Tissue Regenerated in Lab
Following a heart attack, scar tissue comprised of cells called fibroblasts accumulates. Since the heart muscle can't easily regenerate, the patient is at an increased risk of heart failure.
Rogue DNA Tied to Heart Failure
The heart's own "rogue DNA" appears to play a role in the development of heart failure. A new study has found that the heart's own cells mistakenly activate the immune system, contributing to heart failure. During heart failure, immune cells cells invade the heart. This process, called inflammation, which ultimately leads to a less efficient heart with less pumping ability in the case of heart failure, can be caused by the body's own DNA. Don't smoke to protect your heart. Professor Kinya Otsu , study leader and British Heart Federation Professor of Cardiology at King's College...
Testosterone Offers Heart Failure Benefit
For patients with moderate to severe heart failure, testosterone supplements may be beneficial, allowing those with the condition to breathe better and engage in more physical activity.
Hypertension Meds Safe for Heart Failure
Previous studies have suggested that the hypertension drug losartan could lower survival among heart failure patients. However, new research suggests high doses of C ozaar ( losartan ) does not contribute to an increased risk of dying.
Untold Story: Cancer Rx & Heart Damage
The toxic side effects of some cancer medications are well-known. They can cause everything from nausea and hair loss to joint pain and fatigue. One very serious side effect is being under-reported and jeopardizing patients.
Goldilocks Sleep Best for Heart
If you're feeling sleepy or irritable during the day, you may not be getting enough sleep. And not enough sleep could mean you're at higher risk for a range of heart problems.