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Did you know the Digital Pharmacist™ network distributes medication information directly to their patients? Yes, our pharmacist created medication information is syndicated through multiple channels, such as websites, social media, at the point-of-sale, and mobile applications.

Let RxWiki become your ‘digital voice’ empowering patients to make better adherence decisions  when and where they need it. has quickly become the leading digital publisher for trusted medication information. When the FDA announces a change, RxWiki’s Life Science Library of Digital Encyclopedias is updated by licensed pharmacists within hours, not weeks!

Yes, millions of consumers and patients visit each month because they can trust the only digital medication encyclopedia “Perpetually-Peer-Reviewed” by pharmacists. various social media channels, and mobile apps offer pharmaceutical brands the opportunity to deliver targeted messaging within contextually relevant content. RxWiki's trusted text and video content engage digital patients longer than most publishers. 

Advertisers can easily launch, customize, and manage advertising campaigns while effectively measuring advertising ROI.

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Last Updated: April 4, 2016