Direct-to-Consumer Advertising Opportunities

RxWiki can deliver your brand’s message to health consumers when and where it’s most impactful. RxWiki offers Direct-to-Consumer display, video, and mobile advertising opportunities within its various digital solutions.

RxWiki’s integrated advertising solutions offer marketers the opportunity to execute digital advertising campaigns for targeted omni-channel audiences.

Display Advertising

Desktop and mobile standard IAB ad sizes, sponsorships, and newsletters are available, including targeting capabilities, such as:

  • Condition
  • Demographic
  • Geography
  • Medication
  • User Behavior

Video Advertising

With over 6,000 health videos contextually integrated, RxWiki delivers a relevant user experience to each eHealth consumer.  Pre-roll video and other in-player advertising that displays before short and long form content.

Sponsored Editorials

RxWiki can build an integrated, custom advertising package based on the goals of each campaign. RxWiki’s custom editorial sponsorships allow brands to align with trusted medication, news, and video content published about a relevant condition or health topic.

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Last Updated: April 4, 2016