Working With Pharma

RxWiki enables pharmaceutical brands to better educate community pharmacists about their medications, to improve patient education, increase medication adherence and lower the cost of health care. 

RxWiki publishes information resources patients need— medication updates & alerts, Rx discounts, and educational materials—to effectively manage their health.

RxWiki’s team of Digital Pharmacists™ update medication encyclopedia pages within minutes of FDA alerts, news, and research announcements.

We believe that pharmaceutical manufacturers play an important role in the education process. RxWiki invites you to submit consumer medication information, patient education, new clinical research, and alerts to its Digital Pharmacist™ advisory board for impartial review and potential publication within

Additionally, sponsorship opportunities within RxWiki’s digital Medication Therapy Management (dMTM™) solutions are now available.

RxWiki Notify™ (coming soon)

RxWiki’s medication pages are viewed by millions of consumers each month and distributed to patients by thousands of community pharmacists nationwide. Stay ahead of the curve and be the first to know what’s being published online about your product(s) with RxWiki Notify™.

When a substantive change is made to a medication page, an email is sent to the brand team representative. Emails will not be generated for any grammatical or stylistic edits that do not alter the factual information contained on a page.

Sign up for RxWiki Notify™ today by visiting the related medication page(s) on

RxWiki Submit™

Pharmaceutical companies may submit clinical information, patient education, breaking research or clinical trial updates directly to for potential publication on

Simply add RxWiki to your distribution list and an email confirmation will be sent once the page is created or updated so that your team can ensure the accuracy of the information.

RxWiki Submit is the vehicle for pharmaceutical companies to provide the latest information to their patients in an efficient manner.

RxWiki Assist™

Pharmaceutical companies may submit financial aid information, discounts, or coupons on their medications’ patient assistance programs to for publication on

digital Medication Therapy Management Sponsorship

Pharmaceutical companies may sponsor RxWiki’s digital Medication Therapy Management solutions, including RxWiki Educate, RxWiki Notify, and RxWiki Remind by contacting