Market Overview

Medication non-adherence and health illiteracy contribute to negative health outcomes from millions of patients each year.  We believe these problems are opportunities for RxWiki to address. 

To capitalize on these opportunities, RxWiki is leveraging innovative technologies and delivering measurable results and positive patient outcomes.

RxWiki began as a digital publisher, creating, expanding, and sharing medication information for consumers and patients alike. But now RxWiki is transforming it’s Content-as-a-Service (CaaS) platform to span the entire pharmacy informatics industry.

Accomplishing this will be a complicated exercise, and will require integrating hundreds of counties, thousands of pharmacist editors, and millions of users.

Donald Hackett, CEO and Publisher, laid out a vision of how RxWiki’s CaaS platform will surpass any single publisher’s strategy of a connecting patients with pharmacists in real-time, with today's information.

“We are building an open platform at scale," Hackett said.  “We work with thousands of pharmacists in the USA, and soon globally. RxWiki's publishing platform touches patients everywhere.”

Hackett described the four pillars of RxWiki’s multi-screen vision, which are

1) Progressively personalized user experience
2) Transparent journalism
3) Video centric content
4) Mobile everywhere.

Mobile everywhere — is the key objective.

RxWiki envisions the patients handheld device as the core within the broader information ecosystem. Mobile is always with you, so your information and personal settings can be applied across a range of enhanced pharmacy services.Mobile is the answer to delivering a superior patient education experience.