CMS Star Ratings

Star Rating Enhancement Offering

CMS Star Ratings can impact a pharmacy’s business, both in a positive or negative way. RxWiki’s digital solutions enable pharmacies to easily enhance its Medication Possession Ratio (MPR) and Star Rating.

We believe patients who use a pharmacy’s mobile app, website or Facebook channel to order a Rx refill, personalize their medication reminder or research the latest health information are far more likely to stay on therapy as prescribed.

RxWiki’s Rx Adherence solutions:

  • Facebook channels can be upgraded to integrate Rx refill ordering.
  • Mobile websites enable patients to easily order a Rx refill.
  • Mobile apps empower patients on-the-go to order Rx refills anytime.

Each pharmacy’s Medication Possession Ratio (MPR) enables insurance plans to evaluate adherence results.

Further more, with Comprehensive Medication Reviews (CMR) soon becoming a quality measure for Star Ratings, pharmacies can utilize RxWiki’s Mobile app to complete CMR cases. These CMR programs can go a long way in raising a pharmacy’s Star Rating quality measures.

RxWiki’s Diabetes, Blood Pressure and High-Cholesterol centers are easily accessible from Facebook, mobile websites and mobile apps.

So, the big question now is where does a community pharmacy find digital patient engagement solutions that fit into the Star Rating system?

And the answer is RxWIki’s Digital Pharmacist solution!

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