Diagnosing Diabetes

Risk Factors

According to the ADA, many patients who are overweight or obese should be screened for diabetes. You can find out if you fall into one of these categories by calculating your body mass index (BMI), which is a measure of body fat based on weight and height. A BMI of 25 to 29.9 is considered overweight. A BMI of 30 or more is obese. The ADA also recommends screening if you have one or more of these risk factors: a family history of diabetes, high blood pressure, low HDL cholesterol levels, high triglyceride levels, a history of cardiovascular disease, polycystic ovary syndrome, a dark rash around your neck and armpits, or if you gave birth to a baby that weighed more than nine pounds. You may also be at risk based on your ethnic background, according to the ADA. Ask your doctor if you fall into one of these groups.

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August 13, 2015

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August 13, 2015