Fishy Packaging Prompts Recall

Women 50+ tablets are recalled by FDA for nondisclosure of fish gelatin

(RxWiki News) US Nutrition of Ronkonkoma, New York is issuing a recall for the daily multiple vitamin Women 50+ tablets as the packaging did not disclose that the tablets contained fish gelatin.

For those with severe fish allergies, this tablet could cause a severe allergic reaction which could be quite serious and lie-threatening if ingested.

"Do not take Women 50+ if you are allergic to fish."

Nearly seven million people in the United States report being allergic to seafood. Doctors recommend avoiding fish altogether if a patient has a seafood allergy, but there are allergy tests available which can pinpoint exactly which fish gets to you.

Additionally, fish allergies are considered a lifetime condition as once developed. Forty percent of those with seafood allergies develop them as an adult.

Besides the Women 50+ pill, there are other unexpected sources of fish. These include some salad dressings, meatloaf, some barbecue sauce, bouillabaisse, imitation fish  or shellfish.

If you have purchased this tablet, please return them to the store where purchased or call 1-888-534-6370 for additional instructions.

The drugs included in this recall are

  • CVS Daily Multiple for Women 50+, 50 tablets
  • Giant Eagle One Daily Women's 50+, 50 tablets
  • Kaiser Permanente Women's 50+ Daily Formula, 10 tablets
  • Equate One Daily for Women 50 Plus, 50 tablets
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June 9, 2011