Transforming iPhones into eyePhones

iPhone images may be sufficient to assist with diabetic retinopathy treatment

(RxWiki News) Ophthalmologists sometimes evaluate Internet-transmitted images of patients' eyes as part of their treatment.

These images are generally viewed at computer workstations with standard display screens, which prompted University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine researchers to determine if handheld devices like the iPhone would work equally well.

By reviewing standard computer monitor images and iPhone images for 55 patients with diabetic retinopathy, a potentially blinding disease that can affect those with diabetes, "we found high consistency – more than 85 percent agreement – between evaluations," said Dr. Michael J. Pokabla. "There were no significant differences between evaluations and recommendations using the two systems, and the doctors rated the iPhone images as excellent."

Pokabla concluded that mobile devices like the iPhone can be used to evaluate ophthalmic images.

This could be a great benefit to diabetic patients who have trouble going to see a ophthalmologist and to rural areas that don't have an ophthalmologists. 

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December 17, 2010