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HPV Vaccine Wards Off Warts
Cervarix, the HPV vaccine used to help prevent infection with the human papillomavirus that can lead to cervical cancer, may have an unexpected benefit.
UNAIDS Releases HIV Progress Report
HIV/AIDS has affected millions of people around the world for the past few decades. And now it's in steady decline.
Startling Cancer Trends Among Young People
Cancer is generally a disease of an aging population. Cancer risks typically start to increase around the age of 50. But recent trends signal an alarming jump in a certain type of cancer among people under the age of 45.
How Does HIV Affect Menopause?
Recent advances in HIV treatment have allowed more HIV-infected women to live through and past menopause. But not much is known about the effects of HIV on menopause.
What Your Sexual Past May Mean in Pregnancy
Any time you visit a new doctor's office, you are generally asked to fill out your medical history. This information can be particularly important for OB/GYNs when you are pregnant.
Mystery Surrounds HPV Vaccination Patterns
Cervical cancer isn’t all that common in this country anymore. Virtually all of the cases that do develop arise because of the human papillomavirus (HPV). Two vaccines are available to attack the major cancer-causing strains of this virus. But not all young women get vaccinated.
Who Should Get Tested For HIV?
Early detection of human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) is extremely important because disease management will be easier, more efficient and cost less. But how do you know if you should get tested?
Rx to Protect HIV Patients from TB
People with HIV have weakened immune systems, so they are more likely to catch harmful diseases like tuberculosis. However, new research suggests that a certain prevention therapy could significantly reduce that risk.
Combining Treatments for Hep C
The hepatitis C virus (HCV) can cause serious liver disease which may require a liver transplant. And according to the authors of a new study, many cases of HCV in the US are among hard-to-treat patients with serious health issues — something not always represented in studies of this virus.
The Benefits of Exercise for Adults with HIV
There have been advances in HIV treatment in recent years, yet nearly half of all people infected with HIV experience life-changing, reduced brain function. New research suggests that exercise could make a big difference for these patients.