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Flu Vaccine Protects Newborns in Multiple Ways-EMBARGOED 21-Feb-2012 12:00 ET
The flu vaccine can do more than protect a pregnant mother and her baby from the flu. It also appears to reduce the risk of having an underweight baby.
Breastfeeding Improves Lung Function
Mothers now have even more reason to breastfeed. A new study shows breastfeeding led to better lung function in children, especially in children of mothers with asthma.
Lung Transplants Do Not Go to Those Most in Need
Unfortunately many people who need a lung transplant die waiting. This might be different if transplants were given based on need and not on location.
No More Flu Season?
Your annual flu shot protects you against the three strains of flu viruses expected to be common that year. But what if there was one vaccine that protect you against every type of flu?
Is Your Office Toxic?
Germs and sick coworkers may not be the only way to get sick in the office. Chemicals in the paint, furniture and carpet may be also causing you to get sick.
Smoke Inhalation Defying Expectations
Smoke inhalation can cause serious lung damage and even death. A new study has shown that the body responded unexpectedly to the damage caused by smoke inhalation.
Google Searches Predict Flu Outbreaks?
If you feel like you're coming down with something like flu, what source of information do you turn to first? For many people, the answer is Google.
A Better Flu Shot
There is a long complicated road before flu shots become available for the flu season. New models being developed could pave the way to better and more cost-effective flu shots.
Depression Concerns for Acute Lung Injury Patients
Acute lung injury (ALI) not only affects a person's physical ability but also affects their mental state. Depression is a serious concern for ALI patients and should be treated early.
The Re-admission Dilemma
Certain regions of the U.S. suffer from high hospital readmission rates. Interestingly, that elevated number may have less to do with poor care or more severe illnesses.