Parkinsons DiseaseInfo Center

Parkinson's Treatment Gains Traction
Deep brain stimulation is gaining acceptance as a treatment capable of helping Parkinson's disease patients with motor function. However, about half of the patients referred for the treatment aren't good candidates.
Parkinson's Clues
Parkinson's disease is complex and not completely understood. A misunderstanding about a key protein may suggest other approaches would be more successful in treating the disease.
Brain Stimulation for Parkinson's Patients
Brain stimulation is believed to aid Parkinson's disease patients with improved motor function. That stimulation remains effective even a decade after the original treatment.
Parkinson's Needs Neurologist
There may be a key for living longer with Parkinson's disease. Patients who receive care from a neurologist as opposed to a primary care doctor may outlive those who don't.
Meth Users at Higher Parkinson's Risk
Methamphetamine users may not just be causing damage in the short term. They also are 76 percent more likely to develop Parkinson's disease as they age.
Gene Mutation Linked to Parkinson's
Scientists have long known that Parkinson's disease is caused by cell death. Pinpointing the exact cause, however, hasn't been an easy task. A genetic discovery may help with the puzzle.
Virtual Treatment for Parkinson's
Parkinson's disease patients often have difficulty with quick movements, which can add difficulty to their daily lives. Adding sound or visual cues can improve movement and speed. The answer might be as simple as virtual reality games.
A Step Toward Prevention
A variety of neurodegenerative diseases including Parkinson's disease are defined by trademark protein clusters. Scientists have discovered a small protein that could aid in preventing Parkinson's disease.
Deadly Disordered Pair
Scientists are linking more and more diseases together - autism and epilespy, gum disease and heart disease, type 1 diabetes and celiac disease. New evidence suggests another pairing.
Mechanism Behind Parkinson's and Gaucher Link Found
Doctors and researchers frequently discover new links between disease, but often figuring out how the two are tied together can prove trickier.