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The Science Behind Sarcomas
Deep tissue cancers, also known as sarcomas, are not as common as carcinomas and consequently less basic research has been resolved on the causes and medical treatments investigated on sarcomas. A series of laboratory molecular experiments resulted in narrowing down more than 2,000 possible targets for pharmaceutical treatment of sarcomas. Scientists conclude that these cancers born from fat or muscle are most likely to share 39 common proteins. Ask your oncologist about clinical trials available to you. Identifying which molecular targets are the most common in sarcomas is ...
Votrient Treating Advanced Soft-Tissue Sarcoma
It usually starts as a lump under the skin that doesn't hurt or cause any real symptoms. Soft-tissue sarcoma usually shows up on an arm or leg, and it's very treatable if caught early.
Head and Neck Cancer Protein Identified
Different kinds of cancer have different characteristics on a cellular level, and these unique proteins can be used to monitor the cancer's progress or serve as a target for the pharmaceutical version of a smart bomb.
Monitoring Cancer Treatment Faster
Meeting the demand for cancer treatment results, an imaging technology has been adapted to monitor the success of chemotherapy in patients with cancer of the head and neck.
Eradicating Some Advanced Head and Neck Cancers
Every type of cancer has different characteristics, and routine studies constantly attempt to find the best treatment for a given group of patients. A recent study shows evidence that combination therapy may be best for some cancer patients.
Gentler Sarcoma Treatment may be at Hand
One of the most common types of childhood cancer is sarcoma, which appears in the soft tissues of the body. About 10 percent of kids with cancer have sarcomas. Recent research has uncovered possible new ways to treat this disease.
Rabies to the Rescue
A virus that's in the rabies family holds promise in fighting a rare but lethal form of cancer found in children and young adults. Yale University researchers are working with this virus as a potential treatment.
Ultra-convenient, Ultra-safe, Ultra-effective
Ultrasound fusion imaging (UFI) biopsies are as safe and effective as other methods of detecting bone and soft-tissue cancers, according to a new study from Henry Ford Hospital.
Conversion Therapy
Researchers at Oregon Health & Science University Doernbecher Children's Hospital have identified the cell of origin for muscle cancer known as sarcoma.