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Lull in Bird Flu Doesn’t Mean the Storm Has Passed
Cases of bird flu in China have been keeping officials worldwide on edge for weeks as numbers of new patients steadily increased.
Flu During Pregnancy Linked to Bipolar?
Being sick while pregnant certainly isn't fun. Having the flu while pregnant is even worse. But being down with the flu during pregnancy might be linked to longer term concerns, too.
No Need to Fear the Flu Shot
One of the concerns parents might have with the flu vaccine is side effects in children with pre-existing conditions, such as inflammatory bowel disease.
Experts Concerned Over Bird Flu
Cases of the H7N9 avian influenza have so far mostly stayed within Chinese borders, with only one case discovered outside of the mainland in Taiwan.
Understanding 'Bird Flu' Patients
News has been developing fast from the H7N9 bird flu outbreak in China. But what do we know about the patients who have been infected with the disease? Are there common threads in these cases?
Bird Flu Case Discovered in Taiwan
Officials across the globe have been closely watching the developments of bird flu cases in China, and now the zone being monitored has expanded.
Bird Flu Numbers Could Double
Counts of infections from the H7N9 strain of bird flu have been increasing since the first case was reported at the end of March.
Bird Flu May Pass from Human to Human
The reports of the H7N9 bird flu strain in China have had health officials on alert. The latest development could cause further concern and potentially mean easier transmission of infection.
Symptom-Free Bird Flu in China
Increases in the number of cases of the avian influenza in China, including a case with no symptoms, have health officials preparing for the possible discovery of new cases.
Bird Flu Cases Now Number 28
Counts of bird flu cases in China continue to rise, but news of at least one patient’s recovery is announced.