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Sprouts Behind Recent E. Coli Outbreak
An outbreak of harmful E. coli found in contaminated raw clover sprouts is being investigated in the states of Idaho and Washington, where health officials are trying to identify how far the outbreak has spread and how to contain it.
E. Coli Infections Lead to Large Ground Beef Recall
For many, it doesn't get much better than biting into a hot, juicy hamburger! But for patients in the latest E. coli outbreak, a meal of ground beef might have lead to an unpleasant illness.
Foodborne Illness Still a Problem in the US
You expect food to nourish you, not to make you ill. But foodborne illness remains a problem in the US, as a new study has shown.
California Cruise Ship Struck with Illness
People go on a cruise usually expecting relaxation and adventure. Yet some passengers on a California-based ship have been met with an unpleasant type of adventure — that of a stomach virus.
Year-Long Salmonella Outbreak Not Over
A multi-state outbreak of Salmonella in raw chicken that started a year ago was recently declared over, but now authorities have reported that illnesses are continuing to be discovered.
Disturbing Bacteria Findings in Raw Chicken
Unless there is an outbreak of bacteria, the food you purchase should be safe — right? Perhaps not, according to the group behind a new study of raw chicken.
Unsanitary Conditions Lead to Meat Recall
Consumers around the country might want to check the labels on meat in their fridge — a recall of certain products has grown this week.
Raw Milk Means Real Risks
Milk is one of the most common and popular drinks in the US. But it doesn't usually go straight from the cow to your doorstep.
Live Bird Markets Might Pose Extra Salmonella Risk
For some, getting poultry from a live market is a way of life and a tradition. But is it safe? New research warns that there might be a connection between these markets and Salmonella .
Raw Milk Possibly Tied to Intestinal Infections
In certain circles, the word "raw" has become synonymous with the word "healthy." But the researchers behind a recent study warned that this is not always the case — especially when it comes to milk.