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Helping Children With Fibromyalgia
Most people are familiar with fibromyalgia as an adult condition. However, the chronic pain syndrome affects the younger generation as well. A new study looks at how a treatment used for adults could help children.
Relief from Fibromyalgia
A diagnosis of fibromyalgia means you'll experience chronic, widespread pain throughout your lifetime. But medication may provide relief.
Exercise Benefits Fibromyalgia Patients
When you're in the midst of a hard workout, your focus narrows, and you don't think about anything else. Pain fades into the background as you get into the zone.
Fibromyalgia Linked to Sleep Problems
You toss and turn in the middle of the night. You wake up and can't fall back to sleep. As if that weren't bad enough, your sleeping problems may be putting you at risk for fibromyalgia.
Feel Blue, Green and Red?
Pain will come and go for most people, but it can be more intense if you suffer depression and/or anxiety. Treating these problems can be difficult but experts provide some tips.
Women Who Smoke Experience More Chronic Pain
If you have chronic pain, quitting smoking may be one of your best bets. Women who are heavy smokers or even former smokers tend to experience substantially more pain than non-smokers.
Stretch Away Rheumatoid Arthritis and Fibromyalgia
You probably think exercising is expending energy. After all that's what running and aerobics require. But yoga, which involves the opposite, has been shown to be healthy for people. Breathing, meditating, and stretching don't seem like hard work, much less exercise.
Legs That Won't Quit
Adults with fibromyalgia are more likely to experience restless legs syndrome (RLS), according to a new study, which suggests treatment for RLS may improve sleep and quality of life for these patients.