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For Colorectal Patients, Surgery May Not Be Enough
A colonoscopy is a medical procedure that uses a thin, flexible tube to examine the colon. Although invasive and sometimes uncomfortable, colonoscopies are essential screening tools. And that may be especially true for colorectal cancer patients.
FIT: A New Way to Screen for Colon Cancer
Screening for colorectal cancer may have just gotten a whole lot easier.
Colorectal Cancer: Is It Time to Rethink Screening?
As the medical community learns more about different cancers and how they spread, doctors try to determine the best time to begin screening patients. New evidence suggests one type of cancer is affecting a younger group than expected.
What Aspirin Might Do for GI Cancer Patients
A common medication may help some cancer patients live longer, new evidence suggests.
Colorectal Cancer Combo Rx Gets Green Light
When other treatments don't work for colorectal cancer patients, a new medication might.
How Ethnicity Affects Cancer Risk
Your ethnicity may be a factor in your cancer risk.
What Aspirin Might Do for Obese Patients
Being obese can put patients at greater risk for many conditions, including some types of cancer. But for some, taking a common over-the-counter medication may reduce this increased risk.
Prenatal Test May Detect Cancer in Mom
Killing two birds with one stone can be a great thing — especially when it comes to prenatal testing.
Colorectal Cancer Rx Shows More Promise
An experimental medication continues to show promise in treating colorectal cancer patients.
Smoking Might Be Even More Dangerous Than You Think
There are countless reasons to quit smoking. And new data may add 12 more reasons to the list.