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We Can Rebuild You...We Have The Technology...
Disc replacement surgery can provide relief to those suffering from chronic back pain by restoring motion to the spine. Unfortunately, current designs are limited in their capabilities.
Thinking About Pain Can Make It Worse
When it comes to chronic pain, a positive attitude may be just as effective as a painkiller if a person can successfully put the pain out of their mind. And they’ll sleep better too.
Pain Management By "Adele"
Most people listen to music for their own pleasure, but many are unaware of how profoundly it affects them. These effects may lead music to become an important psychological treatment.
Is Exercise Best for Low Back Pain?
Chronic degenerative-related low back pain can be challenging to manage. A recent study highlights an alternative approach to the commonly prescribed exercise therapy.
Overuse of Painkillers Starts Young
Long-term use of painkillers is rarely a necessity, but teens and young adults often get prescriptions and then develop a hard habit to kick. Youths with mental health disorders are even more at risk for developing a pill habit.
FDA Issues Warning on Natural Supplement
There are countless dietary supplements marketed as natural remedies for pain relief. In some instances, these supplements turn out to be neither natural nor safe, which seems to be the case for Reumofan Plus.
Good News for Short Term Back Pain
Low back pain is a common condition that can affect every day life through discomfort, health care costs, disability and loss of work. Luckily, most back pain is alleviated in the course of six weeks.
Unlocking the Genetic Code of Pain
Imagine two people who have the exact same injury. One develops chronic, lifelong pain, while the other does not. This is scenario is frequently true – but why?
Lasting Effects of Post Surgery Pain Care
Pain medications, like opioid painkillers and NSAIDs , are often prescribed after minor surgery. The short-term benefits of good pain management are well-known. Short-term use may, however, be linked to long-term use.
Pain is More Painful in Poor Places
When it comes to chronic pain, it's not just where you hurt that determines how bad your pain is. It's where you live, how old you are, and your race.