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Xgeva Declined for Prostate Cancer Prevention
The Food & Drug Administration (FDA) plays a difficult role in drug approval, and no matter what the agency decides, someone is upset. The recent decision on expanding Xgeva's treatment in prostate cancer illustrates that once again.
Using Your Own Body to Attack Cancer
In the world of medicine, drugs, surgery or radiation are the usual options to treat cancer. Recently, another route has presented itself - enhancing the body's own immune system to attack the cancer.
Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia, B Gone
Typical cancer treatments involve broad spectrum drugs that can cause harmful effects to a wide range of cells. Until recently, specialized medicines without a long list of side effects were a rarity.
How Does Thalidomide Treat Multiple Myeloma?
A fun fact about drug development is that despite the best effort of everyone involved, it's hard to predict what the drug is going to do. Rogaine and Viagra were both originally developed as blood pressure medications. And then there's thalidomide.
Chemo Cocktail Produces Better Results
Cancer chemotherapy is a rapidly changing field, with many drugs to choose from and more added to the mix each year. Knowing what to to use is a challenge for every oncologist. 
Breaking the Bone Cancer Code
Osteosarcoma - a rare cancer of the bone - has been difficult to treat. Now scientists are looking at the genetic make-up of young people with the disease in hopes of finding better ways to diagnose and treat it.
Ultra-convenient, Ultra-safe, Ultra-effective
Ultrasound fusion imaging (UFI) biopsies are as safe and effective as other methods of detecting bone and soft-tissue cancers, according to a new study from Henry Ford Hospital.