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Less Social With Eating Disorders
Eating disorders often go hand-in-hand with anxiety and isolation. So much so, that helping people with eating disorders learn to enjoy social interaction could improve the illness.
Seek Specialists’ Help for Anorexia
Anorexia and bulimia are serious medical conditions. Seeking treatment from a qualified and experienced authority can greatly improve outcomes.
Skinny Genes
The media has been taking all the blame for the existence of anorexia, but genetics may play a role as well. This discovery could influence anorexia treatment plans in the future.
Cause for Frailty in Elderly
Getting proper nutrition is important for older people to maintain strength and muscle mass. Frailty can come from not getting enough to eat.
Pro-Anorexic Bloggers
Blogs about anorexia can be dangerous. And just wrong. But some open communication and support systems of anorexia blogs could help treat this disorder.
Anorexics See Others As Normal
Can anorexics see body size accurately? In a test, anorexics saw other people as their actual size, but saw themselves as larger than they actually were.
Antipsychotics for Anorexia?
Antipsychotic medications are sometimes added to the treatment of people with anorexia because it is thought that they might improve symptoms and body weight.
The Best Treatments for Anorexia
If you’ve ever suffered from an eating disorder, you know how confusing it can be to find the right treatment for you.  When there are so many treatment options to choose from, matching the right one to your needs is essential.  
Social Dynamics in the Home Matter
Although it may seem unnatural to discuss family issues to fix individual disorders, this practice recently helped patients recovering from anorexia nervosa.  
Standardizing Ideals
Many shudder at the thought of gathering body measurements, especially weight. Yet researchers have found that BMI collections may provide the best foundation to calculate progress in anorexia and bulimia.