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Lung Disease Affects More Than Lungs
Lung disease often leads to difficulty breathing, congested airways and inflammation of lung tissue. Recent research suggests it might affect other parts of the body as well.
Monitoring Heartburn and the Wallet
While heart burn pains the chest, the costs of certain medicines to ease that pain can shrink the pocket book over time. A method that keeps an eye on reflux symptoms could save patients' cash.
Heartburn May Fuel Throat Cancer
Smoking and heavy alcohol consumption have been linked to the development of throat cancer. Frequent heartburn also has been added to that list of potential culprits in the disease.
Heartburn Meds for Any Size
Heavier set individuals are more likely to have acid reflux. But it is unclear whether reflux medicines are enough to stop heartburn and other symptoms in the overweight and obese.
Extra Pounds Don't Affect Heartburn Rx
Overweight and obese patients are at risk for a number of health conditions, including​ heartburn and two kinds of acid reflux. Could their weight affect how well their medications treat those conditions?
Sex Hormones Not to Blame for Heartburn
Elevated sex hormone levels in pregnant women or in those who take hormone replacement therapy (HRT) were often believed to be the culprit behind prevalent heartburn in women. But that may not be the case.
Too Many Heartburn Meds Among Vets
Certain heartburn medicines have been prescribed too often or at too high a dosage across the US. Until now, little was known about the heartburn treatment that American veterans received for their chest pains.
Keeping Heartburn on the Down-low
Medicines to decrease heartburn and prevent stomach acid from forming don’t work for everyone. A new method might help fill the void where these medicines leave off.
Burning Inside the Burping Baby
Babies need a hand burping, especially the itty bitty ones. Too much of that gas, however, can be sign of more serious problems going on in their tummies.
Influx of Bad Acid Reflux in England
First there's the heartburn. And maybe nausea. It's common among people with acid reflux and, across the UK, more are letting it become a bigger problem.