Health News

It's Something in the Air: Pollution and Health
You've got to breathe to live, but breathing polluted air could put you at risk of health problems.
Stroke Patients May Need to Put the Brakes on Driving
While some stroke survivors may resume routine activities, not all return to their normal abilities. Even a mild stroke can make driving a dangerous proposition.
Aspirin Can't Replace Healthy Lifestyle
When it comes to heart health, many patients hope for a magic pill to prevent problems. Some thought that magic pill might be aspirin, but aspirin might not do the trick for everyone.
The Possible Dangers of Sodium in Pills
Hamburgers, potato chips and some prescription medications — what could all of these things have in common? Their sodium content may be putting people at risk for heart problems.
Knowing Stroke Signs Can Save Lives
In the US, someone has a stroke every 40 seconds. To lower that rate, the American Stroke Association is urging people to learn the stroke warning signs for World Stroke Day on October 29.
Take Blood Pressure Pills on Schedule
Along with regular exercise and eating a healthy diet, medications can lower high blood pressure. Treatment, however, has to be taken as directed by your doctor.
Small Steps for Big Stroke-Reducing Payoff
When a stroke strikes, the results can be devastating. Survivors may suffer permanent disabilities. A few simple measures, however, may make a big difference in stroke prevention.
Having a Stroke Symptom and Don’t Know It?
Having a stroke increases your risks for future strokes and death. Even having had a symptom of stroke can increase your risks.
Aspirin for the Heart: Go Uncoated
Taking low-dose aspirin daily has been touted for years to lower the risk of heart attack and stroke. Some people show resistance to this therapy in blood tests, but why?
An Aspirin a Day After Blood Clots
A common treatment after having a blood clot is taking blood thinner medication. But many doctors will eventually take patients off medication when it's no longer necessary. Then what?