Health News

Five Recommendations About Skin Tests and Treatments
For people with skin, hair or nail concerns, how do you know when your treatment is the right thing for you?
A Fiery New Way to Sunburn
You use sunscreen spray to protect your skin from burning under the sun's harmful rays. But you probably don't worry much about your skin actually bursting into flame — at least not until now.
Apple a Day Doesn't Always Keep Doctor Away
Cancer is a major health issue. So is heart disease. Although they are serious problems, these issues aren't the main reasons leading patients to the doctor's office.
Cold, Hot, But Don't Burn!
One of the first things people turn to for muscle aches and sore joints are creams and gels that cause that hot-cold tingly sensation.
For Olympians, Tough Skin is Necessary
Olympic athletes train to be the most mentally and physically tough competitors in their event. But for many, an unexpected condition can threaten a hard earned chance at success.
Battle of the Bug Bites
As you're enjoying Memorial Day meals this weekend, don't be surprised to see six-legged friends scavenging for meals. Hopefully, they'll go after your food crumbs and not your blood.
Up in Smoke
In life, expect the unexpected. In science, expect the unexpected.
The Power of Purple
Fungal infections that cannot be treated with anti-fungals because they have become reistant to them may be treated effectively with lavender oil, according to a new study from the University of Coimbra in Portugal.
More than an Athlete's Foot
Close contact is common among athletes who participate in team sports. This closeness can lead to the spread of various skin infections, dermatologists warn.
Itchy Skin, Eat a Handful of Nuts
A specific omega-6 fatty acid may be critical in maintaining healthy skin, according to a new study from the University of Illinois.