Health News

Secondhand Smoke and the Unborn Baby
So it's pretty clear that smoking while pregnant is a bad idea. But what if it's just those around you who are smoking? Does that affect unborn babies too? Possibly.
Smoking in Cars: Polluting Kids
Smoking in the car is only bad if the windows are up, right? Think again! Scientists found extreme pollutants from secondhand smoke in the backseat even with the front windows completely down.
Are Teens Overmedicated?
Are teenagers today being prescribed too many antidepressants, stimulants and other mental health drugs? Many doctors and parents believe so, but is there evidence for it?
Know When to Hold 'Em…
Serious gambling problems can destroy the life of a gambler and his loved ones. Researchers are now learning how to tell earlier on who might be more likely to develop a gambling problem.
Pregnancy and Cocaine – A Bad Idea
It's challenging enough to raise headstrong toddlers. But toddlers and older kids whose mothers used cocaine during pregnancy? Their behavior can be especially difficult.
Not While Pregnant – Not One Drop
It's clear that heavy drinking while pregnant can harm a baby. But research has been less clear about whether only a few drinks makes a difference. Until now.
Smoking in Cars with Kids
It is known that secondhand smoke can be harmful to those exposed, especially in confined spaces like cars. 
Teens Popping Pills
Don’t let the medicine cabinet become a playground of painkillers for teens to abuse. Overdoses from painkillers are becoming far more common than those from heroin and cocaine.
Alcohol and Little Brains Don't Mix
Most women know they are advised not to drink during pregnancy. They may not realize how much drinking while pregnant can deeply affect children's brains even years later.
Hot Boxing with Tobacco is Poisonous
Think rolling down the windows or turning on the air to circulate will help cut down on the health risks for kids from smoking in the car? Think again, the air quality is truly toxic.