Health News

NBA Stars Who Give Back
Fame elevates individuals to a unique position in society, allowing them to direct a great deal of attention and support towards charitable causes. Here’s a list of some current and recent NBA stars that are known for their ongoing support of charity.
HIV Patients May Need More Frequent Immunizations
Vaccinations can offer protection that prevents disease and saves lives. For HIV-infected patients, this protection may not last as long.
HIV Linked to a Higher Risk of Heart Disease
HIV patients can live longer, healthier lives today and one recent study took a look at their risk for a disease usually associated with growing older.
How to Prevent the Spread of HIV
HIV stands for human immunodeficiency virus and is a virus that causes HIV infection. Here is some basic information about the disease and some prevention tips to keep in mind.
Musicians Who Support Health Causes
Many celebrities use their money, connections and following to help raise  advocacy and  support medical research. Here are some famous musicians who have given their time and effort to health causes.
What You Need to Know About Hepatitis C
Hepatitis C is a viral disease that causes swelling of the liver. Here’s what you need to know about hepatitis C.
Chronic Hep C Cases Affect Millions in US
With emerging viruses like bird flu and MERS in the news, many Americans may not give much thought to hepatitis C. But new research shows the illness still affects millions in the US.
HIV is a Common Problem in the Mental Health Community
HIV and mental illness are two chronic conditions that can carry similar health and economic burdens. However, treatment and care for both are rarely integrated.
Many Adults Not Getting Recommended Vaccines
Adults may be concerned about their children's vaccinations, but are they concerned with their own? New data from a US survey suggests that adult vaccination levels may need a boost.
Too Late to Treatment for Many Young HIV Patients
HIV treatment can help patients manage their condition if it is started early. However, not everyone seeks out treatment early enough.