Health News

Heavy Metal Allergies
A new hip or knee may be what you need to set yourself free from arthritis pain. Many implants are made of metal. So, what happens if you are allergic to metal?
Microchip Implant Delivers Daily Meds
It sounds like something out of a sci-fi flick: An implantable microchip, embedded in your skin, that releases medication with the push of a remote-controlled button.
Bad Break? Cut the Bone Boosting Drugs
Bisphosphonates are a tricky drug. While doctors say the benefits of these osteoporosis drugs are greater than the risk, mounting evidence shows that they can also cause certain fractures.
Plan Ahead: Get Strong Bones as a Kid
Remember the old milk ad campaign? The ads showed a child drinking milk and growing into a strong teen. It turns out that early bone boost can last through an entire life.
Osteoporosis Clues Found in Deer Antlers
The common wisdom is that we need to get lots of calcium for healthy bones. But a new theory, based on studying deer antlers, challenges the role of calcium in bone growth.
Heart Failure's Link to Brittle Bones
Have heart failure? That may put you at an added risk of major fractures associated with osteoporosis. Increased screening and treatment appear key to catching bone loss early.
Test My Bones, Please
Did you know that your bones are at their peak in your late twenties and early thirties? By the time you're in your sixties, it's time to get your bones checked.
Osteoporosis Strikes Before Middle Age
Is your child accident prone? Do trips and falls that another kid would walk away from, cause hospital trips and multiple broken bones? If so, your child might have osteoporosis.
Too Much of a Good Thing
Though many people are deficient in vitamin D, it's possible to go too far to make up the difference. The "sunshine vitamin" may only protect the heart if you have the right amount.
Risks of a Life-Saving Surgery for Women
Women at risk of ovarian cancer are sometimes encouraged to get their ovaries removed. While ovary removal surgery can save a woman's life, it also may raise the risk of other health problems.