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Is Gilenya Safe to Treat MS?
American and European health agencies are investigating the role of Gilenya , the first approved pill for treating multiple sclerosis.
MS and the Connected Disconnect
Multiple sclerosis is notorious for doing damage to the brain's ability to communicate with the rest of the body. But what creates the decline in mental clarity that some patients experience?
Avoiding Brain Infection for MS Patients
Multiple sclerosis does its damage in a patient's brain, and that's where most drugs are targeted. But one drug holds the dangerous risk of a severe brain infection for some patients.
Multiple Sclerosis in Children
Multiple sclerosis is generally thought of as an adult's disease. But symptoms can strike as early as childhood, a condition known as pediatric multiple sclerosis.
Thalamus Affected By Multiple Sclerosis
One of multiple sclerosis' hallmarks are lesions in the brain. They're blamed for causing chronic and worsening disability. But a new finding suggests that's not the full picture.
Saving the Mind From MS
One of the frustrating symptoms of multiple sclerosis (MS) is cognitive decline. Many patients have trouble with concentration, judgment and memory. Researchers wanted to learn if a drug that's effective with early dementia may help MS patients.
MS Drug Reaffirms Effectiveness in Clinical Trial
Gilenya , a FDA-approved multiple sclerosis drug, had positive results in a late-stage clinical trial. The results may help ease safety concerns about the drug.
Gene Connects Vitamin D with MS
What causes multiple sclerosis? There's been a lot of speculation, but few definitive answers. Researchers now believe they've found a troublesome gene that may cause MS in some patients.
Making Gains in MS Drug Research
A new medication for multiple sclerosis just got one step closer to being available for use. Researchers have published data that they believe shows exactly how the drug works in the brain.
MS and Gray Matter
Multiple sclerosis manifests in a wide range of symptoms, from difficulty with balance to fatigue and vision problems. These problems all originate in the brain, but how?