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The Migraine Treatment No One is Suggesting
Despite demonstrated evidence-based effectiveness, a new survey revealed that few migraine treatment specialists suggest that their patients try biofeedback, cognitive behavioral therapy or relaxation training.
Weather Linked to Migraines
It may be time to add another item to the list of potential migraine triggers. A new study suggests that some migraine sufferers may be sensitive to weather changes.
Red Wine May Not Trigger Migraines
To avoid the debilitating headaches, migraine sufferers are generally urged to identify their triggers. Red wine is often pinpointed. Yet it may be only certain types of red wine that bring on migraines.
Emotional Stress Linked to Cancer Recurrence
Emotional stress and turmoil take a physical toll on our bodies as well. Stress and abuse have been linked to migraines, auto-immune syndromes, heart problems and now skin cancer.
Preventing Migraines by Lowering Risk
Migraines can produce debilitating pain. The key to management goes beyond medications. Managing risk factors can reduce the number of migraines. The key is identifying those triggers.
Migraine Drug Goes Generic
Drug company Glenmark Generics Inc, USA has announced that U.S. Food and Drug Administration officials have tentatively approved development of a generic migraine drug.
Botox Backed for Migraines in UK
A United Kingdom-based independent public health agency has recently published draft guidelines recommending approval of Botox injections to treat chronic migraines.
Teen Migraine Sufferers Need Solutions
A combination drug already prescribed to adults who suffer from migraines also appears to benefit teens afflicted by devastating headaches.
Migraines Tied to Childhood Adversity
Women who had a difficult childhood appear to be more prone to suffering migraines or chronic daily headaches once they become adults.
Brain Stimulation May Prevent Migraines
Not all patients with chronic migraines are aided with over the counter or prescription medication. For some, another option may be mild non-invasive brain stimulation.