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Treatments for Lupus: Risks and Balance
The Lupus Foundation of America has taken to calling lupus “the cruel mystery.” Lupus has no known cause and has no cure.
Ladies with Lupus Skipping Paps
For women under 30, yearly screening is one of the best ways to detect cervical cancer. Unfortunately, many women with lupus - a condition linked to cervical problems - may be skipping out on screening.
Problem of Lupus During Pregnancy
When a woman becomes pregnant, she must be careful about what she puts in her body. If a pregnant woman is taking medications for a disease, she should know how those medications may affect her pregnancy.
Kidney Risk With Lupus
One of the major complications of lupus is kidney damage. While all patients with lupus have a risk of kidney damage, some patients have a higher risk than others - and ancestry might have something to do with it.
Lupus Drug Seems Safe for the Long Haul
Benlysta ( belimumab ) is the first drug in more than 50 years approved for adults with lupus. Studies have shown Benlysta to be an effective tool for fighting lupus. Now, research shows the drug may be safe for long-term use.
Heart and Diabetes Risks in Lupus
People with lupus are at risk of a variety of heart-related problems. So, researchers wanted to see what factors may lead to metabolic syndrome (a condition that boosts heart disease risk) in lupus patients.
Looking Into the Mirror With Lupus
Being a teenage girl can be rough. You're dealing with many changes to your body and increasing social pressures. It seems adding lupus to the mix may lead to more woes for teenage girls.
Not-So-Expert Lupus Treatment
The power to control your lupus comes in part from the specialists who work with you. The amount and type of treatment you get may depend on their ability to communicate with one another.
Childhood Lupus Spreads to Other Organs
To best deal with complications of lupus in children, doctors need to know the natural course of the disease. If they can spot which young lupus patients are at risk, they can take steps to manage the disease closely.
Anticoagulant Treatment Not While Pregnant
What puts women at risk of pregnancy problems? Lots of factors, including illness, obesity and stress. A recent finding says that a type of antibody is also a risk factor.