Health News

Nestlé Issues Lean Cuisine Recall Due to Undeclared Shrimp
Nestlé Prepared Foods Company, a business unit of Nestlé USA, is initiating the voluntary recall of a limited quantity of LEAN CUISINE® Culinary Collection Chicken with Peanut Sauce/UPC code 13800 10154 because it may contain undeclared shrimp.
Undeclared Eggs Lead to Allergy Alert on Snack
Seoul Shik Poom Inc. of Englewood, NJ is recalling Choripdong Chocolate Almond Richmond Ice Bar (4bags/432ml) because they may contain undeclared eggs.
Undeclared Milk in LifeCore Chocolate Products
Ortho Molecular Products of Stevens Point, Wisconsin is recalling all lots of LifeCore Chocolate and LifeCore Complete Chocolate because the flavoring may contain undeclared milk.
Undeclared Milk in Uprising Brand Drinks
New York State Agriculture Commissioner Richard A. Ball today alerted consumers to undeclared milk in Uprising Brand “Carrot Drink,” “Beet Drink,” and “Peanut Punch,” distributed by Erlo Distribution Inc., Brooklyn, NY.
Parents Worried Most if Child Was Allergic to Eggs, Milk
Many children are allergic to peanuts, but parents may worry most about other food allergies.
Some Lots of Simply Lite Brand Dark Chocolate Recalled
People read ingredient labels on food packaging not only to see if a food has healthy ingredients, but also to see if that food contains anything they're allergic to. One brand of chocolate bar seems to have left one ingredient off of its label.
Raw Milk Not Better for Lactose Intolerance
Milk and dairy products can cause digestive problems for people who are lactose intolerant. Some people claim raw, unpasteurized milk doesn’t produce the same symptoms.
Reasons Why Your Belly Hurts
Stomach issues are often related to the kinds of foods and drinks we consume, but some health conditions can cause stomach problems too. Here’s a list you should keep in mind.
Foods that Boost Brain Power
A few changes to your diet may give your brain a boost! 
How Fast Food Leads to Health Problems
Did you hear that McDonald's is serving breakfast ALL DAY? While that may be fun and convenient, don't forget how fast food affects your health.