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Allergic to Asthma
For some, coping with asthma is a daily part of life. This condition can be aggravated by seasonal allergies, increasing possible triggers. What are the connections between allergens and asthma development?
FDA Approves New Hay Fever Nasal Spray
The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved a new nasal spray to treat hay fever. The new spray is eco-friendly and could be an alternative to currently available hay fever treatments.
Do you Know Your Nuts?
Think you know your nuts? Think again. Many people with nut allergies were not able to tell the difference between a tree nut and a peanut.
Mighty Molecule Reduces Dust Mite Allergy
Dust mites are a common nuisance for many allergy sufferers. That may be a thing of the past as scientists have found a molecule to combat dust mite allergy.
Cockroaches and Mice are Asthma's BFF
Cockroaches and mice are not just pests but are also a cause for allergic reactions. A new study shows it is common for children with asthma to be sensitive to cockroaches or mice.
Do-It-Yourself Breathing a Little Easier Now
Allergy relief is often a blessing for seasonal allergy sufferers, but ridding your home of irritating allergens can be a costly endeavor. HEPA filters can be very expensive.
Cockroach Allergens Linked To Asthma
Children can live as little as two blocks from each other in New York City and have an asthma occurrence two to three times greater in one neighborhood as opposed to the other. Researchers decided to take a look at each asthmatic's home environment.
Flooded Homes are Allergy Traps
Flooding in homes can cause serious problems with allergy flare ups. Contaminated materials appears to be the culprit when it comes to indoor allergies.
Look both ways before you cross the street!
Parents and teachers encourage most children to memorize their name, phone number and address in case of an emergency. Autistic children should also learn the safety measures of crossing the streets and playing near a swimming pool.
Managing Asthma Can Reduce ER Trips
When teaching children fire drills, the mantra is STOP, DROP, and ROLL. When teaching asthma attack prevention, a new mantra of MANAGE, ANTICIPATE,  and AVOID is in order.