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Erectile Dysfunction Was Common in Men With Gout
While anyone can develop gout, a type of arthritis, the condition is more common in men than women. And it seems that gout may be linked to a problem only men can experience.
12 American Presidents with Chronic Illnesses
Gout: A Family Affair
Gout is a painful form of arthritis that affects millions of people around the world. Now researchers think you might place some of the blame on your close relatives.
In the Hospital, Your Joints Also Need Care
You've just started feeling better after your hospitalization, but then realize you’re having a gout attack.  Up until now, your symptoms were well controlled.  Why?
What If the Big Toe Isn't the Culprit?
The most common place for gout to first show up is in the big toe. This form of arthritis causes painful swelling where the toe meets the foot. But that's not the only place gout starts.
Debunking Belief That Vitamin C Blocks Gout
Some dietary supplements have proven benefits, either in association with prescribed medicines or on their own as alternative therapies. Now, one supplement's usefulness for gout patients is being called into question.
Watch Out for Gout
Sometimes treating one problem can put you at a higher risk for a different health condition. For example, some blood pressure medications can increase the risk of gout.
More Weight, More Gout
As rates of obesity continue to increase, more and more Americans are developing diseases tied to their excess weight. According to a recent study, gout appears to be one of those diseases.
Arthritic Double Whammy
It was once thought that patients with rheumatoid arthritis were unlikely to get gout. Now it looks like that is not the case.
A Cherry On Top for Gout Patients
The pain of gout comes in episodes. That is, patients go through periods of intense pain that come and go. Now, it seems eating cherries may help prevent these gout attacks.