Health News

Raw Milk Means Real Risks
Milk is one of the most common and popular drinks in the US. But it doesn't usually go straight from the cow to your doorstep.
Live Bird Markets Might Pose Extra Salmonella Risk
For some, getting poultry from a live market is a way of life and a tradition. But is it safe? New research warns that there might be a connection between these markets and Salmonella .
Raw Milk Possibly Tied to Intestinal Infections
In certain circles, the word "raw" has become synonymous with the word "healthy." But the researchers behind a recent study warned that this is not always the case — especially when it comes to milk.
Foodborne Infection May Be a Family Affair
Even with infections that don't spread  easily , family members might still run the risk of developing the same infections, simply due to a shared environment. Researchers explored this issue for one infection in particular — toxoplasmosis.
E. Coli Scare Leads to Recalls
Certain types of the bacteria E. coli live in our intestines without causing trouble or harm. But other strains can cause serious illness. Two related California companies have recalled pre-packaged salads and wraps due to concerns about this type of the bacteria.
Listeria Recalls Expanded
A number of food products, including packaged potato and tuna salads, were recalled in October due to concerns about a bacteria called Listeria . The recalls have been expanded this week and now include a variety of additional meat products and salads.
Several Recalls Due to Listeria Worries
Even when no illnesses have been reported, sometimes concerns about food safety can cause a stir. That was the case this week, as several companies announced food contamination worries. Luckily, no reports of consumers becoming ill have developed.
Answers at Last in Texas Cyclospora Cases
This summer, several outbreaks of illness caused by the parasite  Cyclospora swept across the US. Many of those illnesses occurred in Texas, and the infection source was unknown.
Refrigerated Ready-to-Eat Foods Recalled
Hundreds of thousands of ready-to-eat refrigerated foods — from cole slaw and potato salad to baked beans and deviled eggs — have been recalled because of possible Listeria contamination.
Possible Salmonella Outbreak in California
A developing outbreak of Salmonella has led health authorities to stress the importance of using the proper temperature when cooking raw foods.