Health News

Country Elders Have it Hard
Rural areas are often seen as peaceful because there are so many miles in between everything. This can be nice, but this may not be the best setting for elders who live out there.
Stopping a Second Stroke
Diabetes patients are at risk for all sorts of heart problems, including stroke. If a diabetic has had a stroke in the past, the chance of another stroke is even higher.
Blood Pressure at Bedtime
Doctors often tell patients to take their medications at the same time each day. But what time of day is best? When it comes to blood pressure drugs, that time may be right before bed.
The Highest of the High Risk
Diabetes can be scary. It can cause all sorts of health problems, as many patients face a high risk of early death from heart attack or stroke. Now, research shows that a common test could spot those patients with the highest risk of early death.
The Dark Side of Sweet
Try to find a packaged food that doesn't contain some form of sugar. Pretty tough to do. In fact, it's nearly impossible. The bitter truth is - we are drowning in sweetness. Food and beverage manufacturers add sweeteners to most processed foods because it's a cheap way to make just about anything tastier.
Diabetes and Your Heart: You Have Control
Diabetes can cause many other health problems. Many of these problems cannot be avoided. In some cases, however, diabetes patients can take steps to protect themselves against certain complications.
Overweight and Under the Knife
Past studies have shown that obese people have a lower risk of complications after surgery. However, new research shows that obese people with related health problems like high blood pressure and diabetes are more likely to have problems after surgery.
Diabetes Collides with Body Mass Index
Current  body mass index ( BMI) recommendations may not be right for avoiding diabetes and obesity related disorders.
Victory for Vegetarians
Your diet can heavily effect your chance of getting certain diseases. A new study shows that people with a vegetarian diet may have a lower risk of metabolic syndrome - the name for all the factors that increase the risk for heart disease, diabetes, and stroke.
Looking for Disease in the BMI Crystal Ball
It is already known that being overweight or obese can increase the risk of diabetes and heart disease. New research shows that it is possible to predict a teenager's risk by looking at their Body Mass Index (BMI) - a measure of body fat based on height and weight.