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This Treatment Could Keep Breast Cancer Away
The treatment of one type of breast cancer may be getting a makeover — and it might keep cancer from coming back.
Standard Medication for HER-2 Breast Cancer Remained Top Rx
The approval of a new medication represents new options for patients. But the new option isn't always the best option. When it comes to treating HER-2 positive breast cancer, the standard medication still appears to beat the newer option.
New Breast Cancer Vaccine Tested
Efforts to fight cancer include both treatment and prevention. And researchers recently tested a vaccine to prevent breast cancer recurrence.
Benefits of Breast Cancer Rx May Outweigh Heart Risks
In women with advanced breast cancer, treatment with trastuzumab may lead to heart problems. But for many of these women, the risk may be worth it.
Genomic Testing: A Powerful Weapon Against Breast Cancer
Abnormal genes can cause breast cells to grow out of control and become cancerous. By identifying specific gene mutations in tumors, doctors can provide improved targeted treatment for these breast cancers.
A Knockout Punch for Early HER2 Breast Cancer
About one in five women diagnosed with breast cancer have too much of a protein called HER2, which makes the cancer more likely to grow faster and return. New research has some good news for women with this cancer.
Powerwashing HER2+ Breast Cancer
HER2-positive breast cancer is an aggressive disease that thankfully can be treated with targeted therapies. A new combination regimen was successful in keeping patients in a recent trial disease free.
New HER2+ Breast Cancer Treatment Recommendation
More than a quarter of women diagnosed with breast cancer have high levels of HER2, a protein that makes the cancer grow faster and more likely to return. New research has discovered one treatment method that’s been used may no longer be necessary.
Breast Cancer Rx Linked to Heart Failure
Roughly one in four breast cancers has too much of a protein called HER2, which makes the cancer grow faster. The medication Herceptin (trastuzumab) targets the HER2 protein to help breast cancer patients live longer. But this medication may be linked to heart problems.
FDA Expands Use of Breast Cancer Rx
For the first time in its history, the US Food and Drug Administration has approved a medication for the pre-surgical (neoadjuvant) treatment of early-stage (I, II) breast cancer.