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Surgical and Nonsurgical Options for Herniated Discs
Herniated discs can be painful and even result in disability. A recent study looked at the benefits of spinal surgery as treatment for these slipped discs.
New Treatment for Spinal Cord Injury Patients
Depending on the severity, spinal cord injuries can result in a limited ability to move and walk. One surprising new treatment may improve walking ability of people with these injuries.
Treating Low Back Pain with Yoga
The poses, breathing and meditation in a yoga class may do more than help you relax and feel centered. A review of evidence shows that it might relieve low back pain as well.
Lower Back Injuries in the Top Three for Young Athletes
Young athletes deal with their fair share of aches and pains. Along with knee and ankle troubles, lower back injuries top the list of most common injuries among young athletes.
Backpacks Not Blamed for Back Pain
Teens' back pain could be blamed on the heavy textbooks and homework assignments they carry to school. But there may be something else besides those heavy backpacks that's actually linked to pain and soreness in the back.
Hang On, You Might Not Need That Steroid Shot
Steroids shot directly into a certain spot along the spine have been the most common treatment for pain in the lower back  besides surgery . But these patients might not need the actual steroid to feel some relief.
Back Surgery May Come With Risks
Many people over 60 years old experience severe back pain and seek surgery to relieve it. But some of them may be at risk for complications.
No Rush to Get an MRI
Magnetic resonance imaging, or MRI, is often used to diagnose low back pain. MRIs can be useful if there are warning signs that suggest a more serious problem.
Watching Your Own Back
Back pain is one of the biggest reasons for going to the doctor's office. Under national guidelines, certain basic pain medicines serve as a first-line treatment to ease back pain. But patients might not be told to use these medicines when they first visit the doctor.
Yoga for Your Back: Once or Twice a Week?
Yoga can be therapeutic for the body in a number of ways. And for people with back pain, a little bit of yoga can go a long way.