Germ Hot Spots in Schools

Cafeteria Trays

Bacteria live everywhere — in the air, in water and soil, on food, on animals and on nearly every surface you can imagine — including cafeteria trays. These trays can be home to all kinds of germs, often because these trays only get a quick wipe-down rather than a full wash. One way to help your child avoid exposure to germs on cafeteria trays is to consider having him brown bag it. That may not always be possible, though. If that’s the case, tell your child not to eat food that drops on the tray. The good news is that some schools have begun using disposable trays to minimize the risk of infection. The issue is balance. Most germs are harmless because the immune system knows exactly how to handle them. However, a good hand-wash and knowing what to avoid can’t hurt!

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April 28, 2015

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April 28, 2015