Commonly Ignored Heart Attack Symptoms

Know the Signs and Risks of Heart Disease

Nearly 600,000 Americans die of a heart disease every year. That accounts for one in every four deaths. While heart disease includes a variety of cardiovascular issues, the most common condition is coronary arterial disease, which involves the narrowing of the coronary (heart) arteries due to a buildup of plaque. This collection of plaque is thought to begin with damage to the arterial walls often tied to factors such as smoking and smoking-related conditions like COPD, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and diabetes. Unfortunately, coronary arterial disease can slide under the radar, and many people are unaware of their increased risk of heart attack. As with most conditions, early detection greatly improves treatment options and reduces the likelihood life-threatening events. However, to catch a condition early, it helps to first understand the disease, including the signs, symptoms and risk factors.

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July 7, 2014

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July 7, 2014