7 Ways to Boost Your Immune System

Keep Your Health for the Holidays

Your immune system is a network of cells, tissues, and organs working together to protect your body and defend it against invaders. Bacteria, viruses, parasites and fungus all have the potential to make you sick. A healthy immune system protects you by creating a barrier to stop the invaders from entering your body. If one gets by, the body produces white blood cells and other proteins to attack and destroy these foreign substances. When working properly, your immune system prevents health problems — from the common cold to cancer. But your body is just not able to fight off every invader. Poor nutrition, not getting enough exercise or sleep and stress can all break down your immune system. When that happens, your body can’t fight off infection, and you get sick. Here are seven ways to strengthen your body’s natural defenses:

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December 18, 2014

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September 24, 2015